After 40,000 miles

Here is an incredible video showing a boat after 18 months in the water that has raced round the world over 40,000 miles before it has been washed off.

Applying Coppercoat

This short video is designed to show the simple steps for a successful Coppercoat application.

Coppercoat Time-Lapse

View this version of Coppercoat being professionally applied at Townsend Bay Marine.

USA Dealer Video

From product information to hull preparation, you’ll see just how easy it is to mix and apply Coppercoat.

Coppercoat Product Test

MBY technical writer Greg Copp takes out his Sunseeeker Thunderhawk 43 with its fresh, sprayed-on coating of Coppercoat long-term antifouling.

Customer Review Year  1

View this short video taken by a customer of their yacht bottom after one season in the sea after the application of Coppercoat.

Customer Review Year  5

View this second video taken by a customer of their application of Coppercoat to the same boat after 5 seasons in the sea.

The London Boat Show

Video shot at the 2012 London Boatshow of Coppercoat on the hulls of Southerly Boats.

Coppercoat in Barcelona

Coppercoat being applied to the famous “Subbuteo” boys at the entrance to the harbour in Barcelona.