Customer Testimonials


Mr Simpson


Apply with a few helpers.  Excellent product that really works would not go back to any other antifouling option.

Mr Bryan


Another vote for Coppercoat! I’ve had it for 5 years and still working well.

Mr Davies


Coppercoat has been consistently good, each year just a power wash.

Mr Myers


Excellent! Have just used it for the 3rd time.

Mr Ketteridge


We put Coppercoat on our boat 4 years ago.  It is brilliant; each time we lift out all we do is jet wash and it’s as good as new.  We have received many envious comments from those having to deal with traditional antifouling.  It is probably the best investment we made, saving us lots of time and lots of money too. I can’t rate the product highly enough.

Mr Woods


Great stuff! No weed or Barnacles in summer in Biscay.  Much faster journeys as a result.

Mr Valentine


Had CC applied to bilge-keeled Moody 31 in Dec 2008, as the final part of an osmosis treatment.  Kept in a drying mud berth. Generally very happy – “it has already saved me 4 years of lifting, scraping and anti-fouling.

Mr Rowe

New Zealand

After 9 years of heavy use I would now like to apply this fantastic product again.

Mr Kinch

West Sussex

Application was exactly as described and performance has improved over normal antifoul- great product!

Mr Cooper


Wonderful – apply it and forget about anti-fouling for 10 yrs. or more – marvellous!

Mr Young


Great! Saves so much work and expense.

Mr Pugh


Brilliant. Have been through the cleaning antifouling routine for years. Now enjoy all year round sailing and only take my boat out for a day to pressure wash it. (I like laughing at the others who STILL have to antifoul for hours!).

Mr Nicholls


5 Years+ on,  excellent product, cost effective over 3-4 years, a great success!

Mr Rayner

West Sussex

My boat was treated with Coppercoat in 2010 and I have been delighted with the product

Mr Papadimitriou

Great product, I’m on my second boat with Coppercoat.

Mr Hatcher

Boat Builders, Southampton

He set sail from Shamrock Quay for the Caribbean, visiting Grenada as well as crossing the Atlantic to Portugal where his yacht is now at Villamoura. He has told me that he is delighted with Coppercoat and that there is no growth of seaweed or barnacles on the treated part of his hull, but there is some barnacle growth on the boat topping which he did not cover with Coppercoat

Mr Co Zwetsloot


We’ve travelled 40,000 nautical miles on the first application of Coppercoat over a period of 12 years. The protection the product has provided is unparalleled, both for anti-fouling and osmosis protection. Pulling the boat out on the hardstanding we were extremely happy to see no signs of osmosis, especially when you see the other GRP boats coming out requiring substantial repairs.Even though Coppercoat has a slightly higher initial cost over other anti-fouls, its long lifespan and other benefits makes it far cheaper in the long run.

Mr Hillsdon


We coated our boat in 2008 and it has been very successful.